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Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System Step 2: Priming Wand

Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System Step 2: Priming Wand


Exfoliates and Shines!


The Dr. Dana Priming Wand is a tri-grit nail buffer that gently primes the nail surface, removes damaged nail cells, and reveals a natural shine. Each of the three surfaces is a different grit strength or level of abrasiveness. Dr. Dana did extensive research on grits, and the wand is designed for any nail, no matter how thin, brittle, or damaged. 


Key Benefits:

  • Remove Surface Damage: Effectively clears surface damage and removes ridges, discolouration and peeling.

  • Shine: After using all three surfaces of the Priming Wand, your nails will reveal a natural, healthy shine.


For best results, use as part of the Nail Renewal System with Steps 1 and 3.

Use on unpolished nails - works best when paired with the Glycolic Prep for Nails. The Priming Wand has three surfaces that should be used in order. Start with Surface 01, swipe two to five times over the flat part of the nail and then repeat with Surface 02. Pressing more firmly, sweep Surface 03 across nails until they become glossy. The Priming Wand should be used NO MORE THAN once per week.

For best results, use it as part of the Nail Renewal System.

  • How much does shipping cost, and do you offer free shipping?
    Shipping is free for orders above R 1 500.00, and it is R 100 for orders below R 1 500.
  • When will my order ship?
    All orders are processed as quickly as possible but can take up to 48 hours to ship. If you place an order after 1p.m. on a Friday, it will be processed the following Monday.
  • How long does delivery take?
    Once your order has been processed and shipped, delivery should take 1 – 2 business days for city areas and 3 – 5 business days for regional areas.
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